Welcome to For the Sake of the Truth! If this is your first time to the site, it is a pleasure to have you, and I would love to get to know you. There is an email link in the footer where you can email me if you have any questions about this site.

About Myself

My name is Ian Hicks. I have an advanced diploma in Environmental Technology. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and have been walking with him since 1999. I felt led to finally move over a decade of study and content that has been sitting on my phone onto a website to make it more accessible to my brothers and sisters in Christ. My hope is that the content I am sharing will help the body of Christ grow, and learn to love God’s Word by constantly mediating on its truth. As I continue to grow I will continue to expand my notes and share them here as an accessible place for engagement.

My Beliefs

1. Born-Again follower of Christ
2. 5-Point Calvinist & Monergist
3. Revisionist/Progressive Dispensationalist
4. Pre-Trib & Premillennialist
5. Presuppositionalist
6. Pro-Life
7. Partial Cessationist

My Fiancée

~ Our Story ~

Citlali and I connected through Facebook in August 2018. We hadn’t met in person before that moment, but I could see from things on her wall, and pictures that we shared many things in common. The thing that stood out for me, was her love for Jesus Christ, our King. The same day I added her on Facebook we decided to call each other and talk. There was an immediate connection. One that felt like only something the Lord was responsible for. I left things in the hands of the Lord, and left things with Citlali, awaiting (and hoping) that she would reach back out after we had such a lovely conversation. Sadly, she didn’t. However, I rested in the fact that God is sovereign, and that his will would be done, and I rested in that. After a few months, Citlali did eventually reach out to me again, and I got the same feeling that I had the first time. A feeling that just seemed so right, so special. We had a magnetic bond, and it felt like we had known each other for years even after we had only talked for a few hours.

Citlali and I over the next months, began to deepen that magnetic bond and began to slowly fall in love with each other. Citlali came to visit me in January 2019 here in Canada. We made it official at that point that we were in love, and we wanted everyone to know. We couldn’t contain our joy, the excitement that we had for one another. Citlali got to experience the snowy, cold winter here in Canada, and I got to enjoy a warm, summer in Mexico.

In Mexico, about 7 months after dating, we met with Citlali’s parents (Jamie & Luisa) and I asked her parents if I could have their approval to marry her. They agreed, and we were both filled with such overwhelming joy. The week that I got back home to Canada, I went out and bought an engagement ring for Citlali, and waited patiently for God’s timing to be right, for when I could see her again, and when I’d be able to propose to my beautiful princess.

On December 25th, 2019 Citlali came to Canada again, and on Christmas Day, in my apartment, I got down on one knee and proposed to the love of my life.

“Cross-cultural relationships often involve much self-sacrifice and hard work from the onset to surmount external barriers. The result is often a much deeper commitment and enduring love among such couples.”

Our adventure and story would be nothing without the grace of the Lord Jesus. He is the one who brought us together, he is the one who keeps us together. He is the one who reminds us to be patient, to be loving, to honor each other, etc. Without him, we would have nothing. It is to God that we give the praise, honor and glory, forever and ever. Amen!

My Now Wife!

In 2020, despite the pandemic, Citlali and I were able to get married! What a ride 2020 was, onto 2021! If you could keep us in your prayers we would really appreciate that!

Soli Deo Gloria